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Elle est une petite chienne confiante et bien élevée qui rendra très heureuse une famille. Cette petite chienne rescue Millie peut rendre heureuse votre famille si elle vous choisit! Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Return to Post A Happy Tail There are many dogs in need. Please help us reduce their misery.

Save a Great Pyr. The way he is with the goats at his foster's, we are certain. Read More. My Great Pyrenees loves to eat, gnaw, and tear things up. She is 2 years old. She is outside dog. I do not want her freezing during winter. She has. Is our dog a Great Pyrenees?

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If mixed, what breed would you think she is mixed with? She is such a sweet little girl with a stubborn streak. Please help.

It is cold n then warm here why is my pyrenees losing his hair now it's December its coming. He was two years. Gorgeous Mindy is 2 yrs old. She is friendly and loves attention.

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She would make an excellent companion dog. Patricia, Millie, the paper. Got that dratted paper! Where do we go now?

If I had to give one of them up it would be hubby My Abbie is 3 -4 yrs. This girl is Sweetness personified"" and is allowed by my Doctor to accompany me to all medicial apointments. Millie would make our home complete.

Please call Maggie: Apr 20, Rating Beautiful girl! I hope, with all my heart, that she finds a wonderful and happy forever home Apr 20, Rating Millie by: Anonymous She really is a great conversationalist.

And even smiled for a pic when I asked her to! Breaking News. Exacts: 0. Temps écoulé: 81 ms. Mots fréquents:,Plus Expressions courtes fréquentes:,Plus Expressions longues fréquentes:,Plus Développé par Prompsit Language Engineering pour Softissimo.

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Adolf Hitler est dans son bunker avec son chien Blondie. Adolf Hitler is in his bunker with his dog Blondie. Chez les chiens noir et feu et chez les chiens noirs, la truffe est noire; chez les chiens blondselle est également noire, mais la truffe de neige est admise.

Euh, blondeoh et son chien blond aux yeux bleus. Uh, blondeoh, and his blue-eyed dog with blonde fur. Une véritable chienne cette blonde à gros sein!

This big tited blonde is such a nasty babe! Mon chien déteste les blondes. My dog hates blondes. Chien battu ou chien de concours, ça n'aurait rien changé que Bobby Earl soit un colosse blanc aux cheveux blonds qui venait d'écraser Miami a la finale de football au Cotton Bowl.

Hang dogshow dog, I don't think it'd make any difference Utilisations : Ravive naturellement les pelages blondschâtains et bruns des chiens. Material uses: Naturally enhances dogs yellowgolden and brown coats.