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And the benefits were kinda pricey. My co workers were all cool but management was lacking something and i myself don't know what it was. Anyway hope this helps. Oh and some of my coworkers have been there for years and no one of them have gotten a raise. Points positifs. Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile? Many opportunities for advancement. What they lack in salary options for their employees, they make up for in PTO.

JD Byrider. The Company seems to still be at its beginning stages in its job structure. The pay scale and bones structure is set up well but the organization is not there yet.

Great Environment. Great place to work! Great team atmosphere! Would recommend to any sales associate looking to get into the car business. Working at J. D Byrider. D Byrider has been a nice experience.

While working here I've learned a little bit more about being a cashier and an assistant. I've also learned more about customer service. Management there is great, whenever i don't know something i can always go and ask with no hesitation and they are happy to help. My coworkers are very cordial.

The hardest part about my job is that i know very little about cars. Do what they want or suffer. Low pay bad training never have enough cars for customer sales. Was told one thing to do by one manager something different by another.

Not a good place to work. Management of service shop was not up to automotive standards. Would not recommend to purchase or have vehicle serviced there.

Fun atomoshere, great employess. Great work environment, great managers, and awesome coworkers. My work day consisted of contacting customers who had payments due, as well as those customers that were past due, and either collect the payment over the phone or make an arrangement with the customer that was within compliance with the finance companies parameters.

As I stated earlier, this was my introduction to the auto industry, so this is where I gained my knowledge of how the auto industry works. Since I worked at the dealership that allowed me to interact with the sales staff and some of the service techs, which gave me a strong foundation of knowledge.

The dealership had a peaceful environment that was more like an extended family.

The most challenging part of my job duties consisted of having a customers vehicle repossessed. Even though they were delinquent, many times the customer was caught on the downside of life. On the other side of that coin, when I was in position to make arrangements with a customer to avoid being repossessed was always a good feeling. Being able to help people is always the most rewarding part of life.

Fun Place to Work, Amazing Staffe. I loved working for JD Byrider. I had decided to take a position in an industry that I had little experience in thinking I would make more money and have job security without having to worry about how many vehicles I was able to sell that month. I was horribly wrong, I need to stay in Auto Sales, because I know what I am doing and have been very successful.

Leaving JD Byrider was a terrible mistake and I would like to come back to this industry. Great Place to Work. I sometimes go to Secretary of State for "quick titles".

At the end of the day the cash is counted down, put on a spreadsheet and sent to the accountants. The cash box and title book are then placed in the safe and locked up. Not professional, Uncaring. Unprofessional, Not good management, They don't care about their employees.

They like to take people money and give them bad cars that don't work after a week. Unstable schedule - Work holidays Saturdays and sundays. Poor management and too much of it. Commissions misrepresented and not possible for all to meet. Little to no coaching or training of employees. Didn't get paid full sign on bonus. Co workers constantly saying inappropriate names pertaining to customers close enough they probably could hear.

Manager lied about sign on bonus and didn't train well at all! Got told wrong information to tell customers in order to complete a sale. Worst company to work for ever! Fun place to work.

Jd byrider milwaukee wi

JD Byrider scheduling makes it difficult to balance a life outside of work. I enjoyed most aspects of my job, including my co-workers and managers. Making these cold and frozen calls are the hardest part of the job. The most enjoyable part of this position is getting to meet new people all of the time and helping co-workers. A wonderful company to work for. My day was so busy running the office and cashiers for two companies.

It was so productive and a great place to work. The staff was wonderful and so were the customers. Daily work day. I liked working with my co-workers, and loved working with people everyday helping them get a car loan. I like the diversity within the job doing different task. It was all a lie a ruse to get me to work for them still carless at the moment because upon asking about it he stated I don't owe you anything.

Lying employer, cheap employer, manipulative employer the list goes on. Fun Place with free lunches. The company would give free lunches for an overall occomplish, or for the holidays.

Most people were great to work with and got a long well. I love what I did. I enjoyed working my trade field. Great family business to work, with great people. Lot's of team work, and a awesome Team Manager. Précédent 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Suivant. Evaluer cette entreprise. Page attribuée Evaluer cette entreprise.

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